Corporate Philosophy

CLA vision

We want to be a legal office of trust.

Especially aimed at individuals and companies, we want to be recognized by our proximity.

CLA mission

We want to offer our customers the best service adapted to their processes and needs, offering the best solutions at their disposal, while respecting our commitment to generating value for society.

CLA values

At the service of our customers. We want our customers to receive a quality service, offering competitive solutions to help them achieve the results.

Trust. We seek the trust of our customers to find together the best solutions to their needs.

Dynamism. We are a dynamic organization, with a great capacity to adapt to the needs of each client, and with a spirit of continuous improvement of the processes.

Responsibility. We always act responsibly, maintaining our commitment to society, creating value and offering the solutions that favor the welfare of the society in which we live.

Proximity. We work at all times with our client, from an internal vision of their reality and their needs.